Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Baby is 21 today! Am I fired?

Shane is 21 today! He's all grown up and married, living on his own, supporting himself, etc.

He arranged his own birthday breakfast this morning, at Mimi's. He invited his siblings and we had a great time. Even Amanda came down. (We did miss Doug, Tricia, Jeff, Ben & Jeremy - can you believe how big our family is getting??)

Apparently I've done such a smashing job as a mother, that I've worked myself right out of a job! Being a mother is terribly tiring, messy, frustrating, embarrassing, gross, there is a lot of yelling, sometimes swearing, lots of tears (on both of our parts) and, well, I could go on, as all of you mothers know. I must admit though, that every hard, sweaty, humiliating moment was worth it! Every day I thank my Heavenly Father for my beautiful children and their families. I have not done nearly enough to deserve the rich blessing that they are in my life. It is indescribable, the deep love I have for my family, including Mr. Handsome, who has been through it all with me - I'm so glad he is on my team! Happy Birthday, Shane and thank you to my whole family, you have all taught me so much and hopefully, I'll keep learning from you!