Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bra Quilt

Well, I finished my "Alphabet" mini quilt. This is a challenge for our upcoming Quilt Festival. 26 of us got a 'letter' (a-z) that had to appear on the front of the quilt. It is supposed to measure 18" x 24", I'm a teeny bit short both ways, I should know better and should have made it bigger, then trimmed it down. (ahh, hindsight). I am glad I got it done, I was planning all sorts of "B" blocks -bows, birds, butterflies, etc. and trying to figure out how to design a (small) balanced quilt. I then realized that I was 'over-thinking' it and went easy-peasy with this great fabric that I bought online years ago. I am supposed to write a short bio to display with the quilt, including why I chose letter B - maybe because I have been wearing bras for a long time?
You can't see it, but I've quilted words like, "Lift and Separate", "Wonderbra", "Underwire", "Padded", "Shape", "Curves", etc.