Friday, April 21, 2017

Springtime...(And still with the eyebrows)

Hello Everybody! It's a lovely Spring around here - a little rain, a little sunshine, a little warmth and a little cold, beautiful flowers - perfect!  Still getting lots of quilty type stuff done around here:
This one is quilted, going to start binding it tonight for an eight year old granddaughter:

 Here is a fun Christmas one for a wonderful Sister in Law, it is a little crookedy, I used a Missouri Star Quilt Pattern and the Half Square Triangles are all on the bias - not such a good idea for me: (Hopefully I can "quilt that out")

 We are trying one of those home delivery services that deliver dinner, ready to cook for 3 meals. It's called "Blue Apron", we got a week free, and it's pretty tasty. Tonight, I can't even pronounce it, but it had potatoes, eggs, swiss chard, peppers, tomatoes and it was yummy! I was pretty impressed it looked just like the picture. The one I made last night didn't look good enough for a photo, I burned the sweet potatoes a bit, but it was good too.

We had some fun visits from some kids and grand kids - my favorite thing!

And those eyebrows! I painted one on the other day and showed Mr. Handsome, so he could see the difference between that one and the "natural" non-existent one. He remarked that I could put on the expression of my choice every day! I could have a "mad" day or a "surprised" day, etc. He is a pretty funny guy!  He said I'd better not go blind, because he'd have a really good time, putting my eyebrows on every which way for me! (Ha - fat chance!)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Do the Hustle

Hustling right along here getting quilts done. I've quilted several and am just finishing up a couple more. Two more sister-in-law birthday quilts to complete and then it's on to other projects. I must say, give me a deadline and I'm ON IT!

 Below - for Jen, she was very happy it was "colorful". I am currently making another quilt with this same pattern (Missouri Star Quilt Company) for another fab sis-in-law, but I will be using white for the background squares, not different colors, it should look substantially different - always fascinating with quilting - color placement.

Below - for Danica's baby boy arriving in June - this one is actually quilted now, just one more side to hand stitch the binding down on.

 Below - a fun quilt for my amazing Mother-in-Law to cuddle her great grandchildren in (birthday in a week!)

Below - A little summer table topper, I made it with a panel, since one of my Bees has a "panel" challenge this month. It's interesting, I can do denser, more intricate quilting on little table toppers, but I do NOT have the patience to do this on larger quilts. 

 I also actually sorted through some fabric that was just thrown in my stash after using bits and pieces of it INCLUDING cutting down pieces smaller than a fat quarter into my "scrap" sizes - I'm pretty boring, I only have two: 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips.

In other news, we got a ceiling fan installed over our bed (will be GREAT for those hot flashes this summer). We have an inexpensive IKEA bed and a really big and heavy mattress (king-sized), while moving the bed back after installing the fan - the frame BROKE!  We got it all glued up and slept on our mattress on the floor for a couple of days, then put it all back together last night. This morning I got up early to use the bathroom and when I got back in bed, it made a suspicious noise - I was VERY still after that.  I shudder to think what will happen when any hanky-panky starts up...

The fan looks great though!  Hope you are getting some quilting in - or whatever it is that makes your heart go pitter patter!