Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why do I gain weight over the holidays?

Could it be: (Butter!!!)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Nevada, with family and friends. Deanna did a wonderful job as hostess, as usual! I hope she is resting with her feet up today!
Early on (Black) Friday, Stacy headed to the Walmart to see about some deals. He came back with 3 (!!!!) TVs. He did end up taking 1 back, but we kept the other two. One is for my sewing room - a nice little flat one so I don't have to have the big one in the corner - more room for my stash!
Later on Friday, we headed to Zion for a little hiking:

It was a mite chilly! I was glad I had my trusty bandanna, because the wind was cold! It was about 32 degrees when we started. We tried to do Angel's landing, but had to turn back after an hour or so, there was too much snow and ice on the trail.

We ate yummy Thanksgiving leftovers that Deanna had so nicely packed up for us, then, off to the movies! ("The Next 3 Days" - just okay - a little too intense for me).

Back home today, got a little Christmas shopping done, we're supposed to have a big snow storm starting tonight, so it's good we're back and snug in our little house.

P.S. I don't think I'll break out the scales until March!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Quilting Magazines...

What is it about having a quilting magazine to savor is so enjoyable? Is it the patterns I fall in love with and fantasize about making? The peek into a famous quilter's studio or home decorated with quilts? The tips that will make quilting more fun/organized/better? The ads containing the newest designs in fabric and notions? The humorous quilting article that makes me laugh at myself and my obsession? I can't believe I have two (!) to read this weekend, I used to grab them out of the mailbox and spend part of the afternoon poring over them, but with working in the afternoons now, my free time is a little adjusted, so I actually have two "saved up" Last night, I snuggled up in bed with one, but it got late and I get up early, so I only got halfway through - that's okay, something to look forward to... (Now, if only "Quilter's Home" would come - it's my favorite!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For the Babies...

Here is Papal and the "wee-dog":
Here is Mamal and Uncle Jeff's dog, Carl:
Here is Uncle Jeff with Carl:
Here is the crew at the airport: (Including Shane, the anti-photo boy)
Shane and Becca, checking out Jeff's death-trap, I mean Motorcycle:
All-in-all, a good trip!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A project...

I went down to California for a quick trip to see my family. My sisters and I got pedicures:
My sister, Heidi, comes to visit a lot (at least she used to...)and whenever she does, when she packs to go, her "straightener thing-y" is always still hot and she can't put it in her bag. So I thought I could make her a "straightener thing-y holder thing-y". And I did:

1. Purchased silver heat-proof stuff and batting at the quilt shop & borrowed Miss Amanda's old straightener that is held together with a rubber band (her emergency back-up straightener)

2. Put it with a fat quarter and free motion quilted it. Put some left over binding on the top edges. I then tried to figure out what would work best, I tried to make a two pocket thing-y so she could put the hot part in one section, then the cord in the other (this involved unpicking and a lot of frowning):

This was a little bulky and I looked at the left over part I had cut off and just sewed that into a slimmer pocket and that worked better. (No unpicking and no frowning)
My sister loved it and maybe she will come and visit again soon...

P.S. Amanda said I could keep the straightener, since when her puppy chewed the cord off of her "good one", the back up one just would not do at ALL and she bought a new one right away.
P.S. S. - I am always taking a "quick trip" - maybe I can't commit...
P.S.S.S. I am thinking I could have just used an oven mitt from Wal-Mart...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back from Aspen Grove Quilt Retreat!

I'm back and it was fabulous, as usual! Seriously, I have an amazing life and am so grateful for all of it!
(My life certainly isn't perfect, but quilt retreat pretty much was.)
Wednesday - arrival, set up, start sewing!
Lunch, classes, dinner and more sewing! We made these cute needle cases:

Thursday: More of the same - fabulous food, classes and more sewing!! We made these adorable chicken pin cushions from paper-pieced log cabins that we'd made up before hand:

Friday: Repeat (Plus I got a massage - wonderful-ness!!). We had a lecture that night (while we did handwork) so I needed my "far away" glasses and my "up close" glasses - I think I really need to go and get me some bi-focals...

Saturday - packing up, a little more sewing, breakfast and back home to Mr. Handsome. It IS a great life - (plus - time change tonight, an extra hour of sleep!!!!!) I did get two quilt tops done and some applique - I will post later this week... (If you are able to get to a quilt retreat, I highly recommend it - save your pennies, it's worth it!!)