Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Finished at Last!

I've been working on this baby for 1 year! I started it at Quilt Festival last year and it's Quilt Festival again next week! (My goal was to finish it before I start another ambitious scrap quilt from the same teacher this year.) The quilting is not too exciting - just meandering with some flowers in the tan center squares. It's going on the upstairs guestroom twin bed. - Now I have to make pillow shams and new curtains too - and probably paint! (don't hold your breath).

Now, to name it - "Sick of Squares"? "Millions of Squares"? "Scrap Attack"? "Love Squared"?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Morning Thoughts

While walking around the neighborhood early this morning, I noticed a couple of 'seasonal signs' on people's front doors. One said "Spring" and one said "Snow". It is early Fall, so obviously these signs have been up long past their proper 'season'. What is it about these decorations that makes us buy them (or make them) and put them up, only to lose interest after awhile? I have several boxes of crap, I mean decorations, in the basement and I can barely make myself put up SOME of the Christmas decorations! Yet every time I'm in a home dec store or gift shop, I look longingly at the cute decorations. However, after nearly 30 years of keeping house, I cannot look at them and not picture them covered in dust, taking up room in the storage area - definitely NOT cute. So I will continue to not be much of a holiday decorator and probably feel a little guilty and jealous of those gals that seem to have it all together with their holiday decor, until they leave it up long past the season, then I will be self-righteously judgemental...

Monday, September 20, 2010

On the agenda tonight...

That's right - L'oreal - cuz I'm worth it! I'm hoping I'll look like her when I'm done...

Nope, it's still me. And, as I sit here with this stuff on my head, wrapped in my husband's old robe with an old towel around my shoulders, I am remembering why I pay the big bucks to have someone else do this for me!
If I look way better after I wash my hair, etc. I'll post another picture - don't hold your breath! As soon as I rinse this head, I'm gonna watch "American Graffiti" a 1973 classic - it used to be rated "R", but I noticed now, it's just plain old "PG". I don't think I've watched it since the 1970's - gotta love "Netflix"!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Slowly, but surely, I am finishing this quilt:The good news it, I think I am starting to feel comfortable with applique (as I remind myself that once it gets quilted and scrunched in the washer/dryer it will look fine!)

I finished this bottom part this weekend: Only one more section to go!!!!
This quilt is from the book: "Gathered from the Garden".
That's what I did this weekend, along with watching 3 movies (New in Town, The Back-up Plan & I honestly can't remember the other one!), playing mindless computer games (spider solitaire), finishing the book club book for this week's meeting, working a puzzle - part of it anyway, and I did make it to the gym and I am STILL sore! - for those of you wondering from my last post.
My handsome hubby made it back from Missouri, all in one piece and I am glad to have him back! Now, back to enjoying my birthday month!

Friday, September 10, 2010

3 Little Quilts Finished -

Well, almost. I had a great time at the quilt retreat this week - even if I had to leave at 2 for work each day. First, I completed a cute Halloween Table Runner that I don't have a picture of (I know, it makes you want to quit reading the blog, right now!) - I am donating it to an auction basket for Quilt Fest next month and I left it with my friend before I got a picture - oopsie doodle.
I finished this cute panel: (I know I need to vacuum - sorry)

It is "Salt Box Harvest" by Deb Strain for Moda. I only had to quilt it - ta-da! I think I am going to hang it on my front door, if I can get my hubby to let me put some holes in the new front door to hang it - but then again, he is out of town...

I also finished the top for this cute baby quilt for my sister, Debi (for her grand babies when they come to visit). I will post another picture when I get it quilted - hopefully it will photograph better then - it is nice, soft, pastels.

So, I have the whole weekend stretching out in front of me - what shall I do? Read one or two of the books in the stack by my bed? Quilt and watch movies. Just watch movies? Go to the gym? Play mindless games on the computer? Go and buy a new jigsaw puzzle and work it while enjoying loud music? Go for a bike ride? Decisions, decisions. On the other hand, I do have the whole weekend, maybe I'll do them all! Toodles!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hiking Again/Stewart Falls Again

We took a quick hike up to Stewart Falls again on Monday. It is a short enough hike for Babygirl (although she thought it was WAY too long on the way home) - about 5 miles. I tried out my cool new backpack and we had a great time, as usual.

Mr. Good-looking was taking the pics, so no pics of him. (Shane was at work, so he missed out - and we missed him) I am at a quilt retreat this week - Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. (Until work at 3 p.m.) so I'm hoping to get lots done this week and show you all something productive soon...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Birthday is here!!

Today is my birthday, my favorite day of the year, September is my favorite month of the year and I could go on... I got to see or talk to all of my kids and lots of other friends and family which is always great! People gave me fabulous gifts, which is funny, because I do love my birthday (I think it's the attention), but I always kind of forget that people are going to give me gifts that I love - so it's always an added bonus and a surprise (I have a very short term memory these days). So, I'm the big 47 now, well into Grandma-hood and loving it. I got great gift cards for clothes, books, home decor, etc. Plus I got a great bag, some lovely cash, and a fab new backpack, so we are going on a little hike in the morning, to try it out. We went to dinner last night, always great and we had a delicious family dinner tonight too - hey does it seem like my life revolves around food? Thanks everyone for making my life great - every day - I am blessed by all of you! Especially you, Mr. Handsome (LOVE the Kindle)!!!
P.S. If you came by today and didn't get any of this amazing cake, don't think I'm holding out on you, this is from a few years back, I didn't have any pics of today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Babygirl starts schoool...

Today is the day! Morning came VERY early for this mini-Brooke:
We finally cajoled her into the car:
Grandpa finally tempted her to eat with chocolate milk and powdered doughnuts and she was officially awake!
Ready for school! (Amanda, I don't want to hear it about the hair - her head was all floppy this morning!)
I am actually now alone with my own thoughts! Hooray!