Friday, September 10, 2010

3 Little Quilts Finished -

Well, almost. I had a great time at the quilt retreat this week - even if I had to leave at 2 for work each day. First, I completed a cute Halloween Table Runner that I don't have a picture of (I know, it makes you want to quit reading the blog, right now!) - I am donating it to an auction basket for Quilt Fest next month and I left it with my friend before I got a picture - oopsie doodle.
I finished this cute panel: (I know I need to vacuum - sorry)

It is "Salt Box Harvest" by Deb Strain for Moda. I only had to quilt it - ta-da! I think I am going to hang it on my front door, if I can get my hubby to let me put some holes in the new front door to hang it - but then again, he is out of town...

I also finished the top for this cute baby quilt for my sister, Debi (for her grand babies when they come to visit). I will post another picture when I get it quilted - hopefully it will photograph better then - it is nice, soft, pastels.

So, I have the whole weekend stretching out in front of me - what shall I do? Read one or two of the books in the stack by my bed? Quilt and watch movies. Just watch movies? Go to the gym? Play mindless games on the computer? Go and buy a new jigsaw puzzle and work it while enjoying loud music? Go for a bike ride? Decisions, decisions. On the other hand, I do have the whole weekend, maybe I'll do them all! Toodles!