Friday, February 7, 2014

All I Wanna do is Quilt!

     I'm back from a fun trip to California and am getting caught up on all my "stuff".  Went through all the mail (Yay, a quilt magazine came while I was gone!), laundry (Mr. Handsome still acts confused when asked to work the washing machine), vacuuming of dog hair, really wiping the kitchen counters, etc.  
     I have also been yearning to do quilty stuff! We all know what it's like to be separated from our fabric and sewing machine for too long! As I have been plowing through the "must do's" to get to the quiltiness, lots of my wonderful family have been dropping by and needing help with the assorted toddlers and babies, whom I love dearly! Then there's Mr. Handsome who wants me by his side as much as possible, as he is having stressful stuff at work. The good thing is this "stressful stuff" is causing him to be super tired, so as soon as he drops off, I zip downstairs to wallow in the quilting!
I did manage to get a quilt quilted last night and my machine (which has been giving me FITS) was fairly cooperative and the thread only broke twice - yippee skippy! I also managed to get another quilt loaded on the machine, which I will be off to quilt this afternoon - woohoo! Then I have two more quilts to piece the backs of (blerk), then quilt, and I will be caught up on my quilting and on to creating more fun stuff! Here is Brian's quilt parts for his new twin-sized bed, since he is getting so big! It is ready to be quilted - I just don't have a picture to prove it!

     We are also starting a new remodel project around here, creating a master suite (these old houses just don't have them!), so I will be making a king-sized (yay!) simple quilt to go on the new bed, super excited, yet not too excited about having the mess for a few weeks, but it will be worth it! I will post pics as soon as we get started, which may be soon or in a month or so.
     Off to quilt, and I have been thinking maybe I should quilt first next time and do the "other stuff" after - hmmmm.