Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday Month!

     It's been a great month so far! For those of you who pay attention to the details, I have changed my age on my profile to 49!!! Had a (wonderful) birthday earlier this month.  Mr. Handsome got me a fabulous Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake (chocolate cake w/chocolate chip ice cream) and had them make it look like a quilt! What a guy!

     We had the "close by kids" come to dinner (easy quiche and salad), then had a Wii Tennis Tournament, which I promptly lost! Doug was the big winner, closely contested by Jeremy, but even with his superior reach (he's 6'6"), Doug prevailed!  Lots of wonderful cards (and some pretty nifty gifty's too) and just a lot of hearing from people and talking to the people that I love, it's what makes my life great! (No, I don't think my life is "great-er" than yours, just perfect for me).
     It's finally cooling off, at least at night, which is a huge relief! Fall is in the air, at least until noon or so, when it starts heating up.  And, of course the fun is just still happening - I head down to the Utah Quilt Guild "Quilt Festival" on Tuesday (Yay!!!!), can't wait, it's going to be lots of fun with classes and shopping and quilting and lunching and hanging out with my quilt-y friends.

     I got this quilt finished and gave it to my friend, who lost her son this month, he will be missed!

Happy September to all!!