Thursday, June 14, 2012

Great Idea!

Late last night, when I was awoken (again) with a hot flash, I had the most fantastic idea! I have this small set of projects that I have in my 'to do' pile, they are really cute little wall hangings, one for each season.  I bought them with wild abandon a year ago (okay, maybe 2 years ago), every time a kit came out at my local quilt shop, till I owned all 4 kits with plans on whipping them up and enjoying them.  Well, time has passed and I'm not really much on wall hangings anyway, and I have started to dread them, looking at me accusingly every time I wuffle around in my project pile for something to work on.  So - my fabulous idea is:  Put them in a cute basket and donate them to our July Quilt Fair next month! I am so excited, I just need to get some ribbon and 'fouff' it up a bit and voila! Guilt Free Me!

Now that we are back from our trips, and are staying home for a whole month, I am back to quilting away in my spare time!  I am planning on finishing the top on my star quilt this week!

I just need to make the 4 corner star blocks and sew it all together and done! The checkerboard block is just an 'extra' I made with the leftover checkerboard strips, I have two, not sure what to do with them, but they are cute! I have lots of projects I want to get cracking on, while hanging out in my cool basement!  I started having these hot flash things a couple of weeks ago and while the weather was cool - no problem, but now that it is 90-ish every day - not so fun and they do wake me up multiple times each night - bleck.  Oh well, what are you gonna do? Onward and upward!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back from Missouri

We got back last night from visiting Brooke and her wonderful family in Missouri.  We had a great visit, with lots of snuggles and trips to the dollar store, among other things.  Babygirl had a big list and I think we got pretty much everything done on it.

Here is our sweet, oldest granddaughter, Austin Nicole, AKA "Babygirl", she made a list of things for us to do as soon as she heard we were coming - watch a movie with popcorn, dance party, new shoes, make something, color, go to the park, etc., she is coming to spend a month with us this summer and we are so excited! I am now making a list of things I want to do with her when she comes next month.

Here is Shaun, also known as "The Boy", he is the most active child around, always busy and jumping and leaping! He ate practically an entire plate of huge chocolate chip pancakes and then ran like a madman around the park for an hour immediately afterwards!

Here is Natalie, "Little Bear", she is a sweetie and just loves everything pink and girly. When we arrived, she was wearing her favorite 'sparkly shoes' - red glitter shoes about 2 sizes too small! She refused to wear anything else! She crammed her sweaty little feet in those shoes no matter what! We got her some sparkly pink shoes, in her size, and her mother was able to 'spirit away' the tiny ones.

 Everyone is coming out for a visit in August, so we were able to tear ourselves away without too much pain, but we miss them already!