Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Been a Long Time!

     I know many of you are waiting for the complete before and after pics of the Quilting Studio Remodel - alas, we had an unfortunate FLOOD - 2 inches of water over the entire basement!  The new carpet was salvageable, but we needed new pad and the carpet reinstalled after running (big) fans on it for a week.   The two bedrooms downstairs where we had decided not to put in new carpet (even though they needed it) because we were too lazy to pull everything out of there after being in flux for weeks with the studio remodel - are now getting beautiful new carpeting.  We pulled all of the furniture out and noticed the baseboard are terrible - like seriously rubber or something - so lovely new baseboards in those rooms too - carpet coming early next week.  After the carpet is in and the furniture back - it's time to cut open my gorgeous new laundry room ceiling to fix the pipe that flooded the basement - argh!  Which means the plumber, drywall guy, painters, etc.  So - I am still sewing upstairs in the middle of the dining room - messy, messy, but what are you going to do?
     I think after all of the work is done down there I am going to move down there - it will all be so new and perfect! Our house is 50 years old, so everything is not so new around here!

     In other news, I got a lovely new kindle!

     My old kindle, which I loved, had been giving me trouble, the little switch-y thing would not move to the left anymore and while messing with it, I put my font up to HUGE - like 6 words to a screen!  I could not make it go any smaller, I could not remove items from the device, etc.  So, after stewing about it for a week or two, I just got on Amazon (after our internet was restored from the flood) and ordered one right up! It came the next day and it is lovely! It is a "paperwhite", touch screen, with a built in light that doesn't strain your eyes, etc.  It's funny, but there is no way I would go back to 'regular books' - I don't mind reading them, but figuring out where to store them, getting new bookshelves, agonizing over the ones to give away because I don't have room, etc. - no thanks!
     On the quilting front, I am nearly finished with my "Eye-Fooler" quilt - 3 years in the making! 2 more rows to sew on, then borders - yippee skippy!