Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Happenings...

We had a fun weekend with family. Sunday looked like this:
Stacy, working on another quilt (His 4th!). The babies had gotten new bikes on Saturday, they loved their helmets and would not take them off - they had some seriously sweaty little heads!
Grandma made them their own little cakes: Shaun ate all of his, Austin only ate the sprinkles off of hers.

Stacy and Tricia thought they were the new Anne Geddes:

Austin wanted to get in on the action:
Here is a photo at the cemetery in Ogden on Monday. 2 Brothers are missing. Can you see any sort of family resemblance?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hooray, He's Back!

I feel like we got a whole new room, do you think I will wake up happier, because it is such a happy color?
Stacy is my hero, as usual!

Harder than it looks...

Well, Stacy was busy today and I really want the bedroom painted...
I'm tired of this old green, we originally painted it 9 years ago and just kept reusing it in our houses. Since we kept only painting one or two walls, it lasted a long time!

Here is where I've officially given up. I am now awaiting Stacy's return (from showing property) today. I DO NOT LIKE PAINTING, I will go back to being the "step and fetch it girl" and the official "taper". Plus, it is really no fun to paint when you have no "taper" or "step and fetch it girl".I do not think Stacy will be too excited.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pizza Tonight!

Tonight we had delicious, homemade pizza. The dough is really easy (got it by googling "pizza dough"). Here is my masterpiece "before": One side is mild Italian sausage with onions, cheese, sauce and a little garlic powder. The other side is fresh Roma tomatoes, goat cheese with fresh basil from the garden and, of course, onions, cheese and sauce. As my friend, Laurie LeDuc would say "How gourmet".

Here it is, after I've had my way with it - delicious!!!

Shane and Becca made pizzas too, it is fun to put your own toppings on:

Tomorrow night, a roast with roasted red potatoes with olive oil and fresh thyme - did I mention I LOVE my new kitchen?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

BINGO Fun...

"The Hall", ready for action!

We had a great time at the BINGO party last night! We had a pretty good sized crowd, even though Amanda and Jeremy were party poopers and Brooke had her baby two weeks early, so she and Ben didn't attend either! We had some great prizes; Stacy and I will be watching BOTH seasons 1 AND 2 of Miami Vice, now that we are the proud owners of the DVDs - woohoo!
Here is Shane, the speed caller - "no repeats, pay attention!"

Concentrating on the numbers...Nate and MC, always so cute...Becca was the big winner - 5 prizes! Mitch and Meredith didn't win anything, but Megan went home with a CASE of peanut butter Twix, and I'm sure she'll share a couple with poor Mitch! And - I got all of the smarties swept up this morning after "the smartie war".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Pics of the newest arrival...

Here she is today, being loved by various family members: (Tricia)

This one is actually last night:Proud Uncles: Doug and Shane:She is so precious with cute little blond hair:Austin and Shaun spent the night, they fell right to sleep after we got back from the hospital last night (11:30 p.m.!). Today we have been to Target, the mall, the hospital, for a walk to see the roofing of the duplex and now we are "watching movies" before nap time to be followed with playing in the water outside, jacuzzi, etc. (I think I'm tired already).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She's Here!!

Natalie Jane Hunter was born at 9:40 p.m. tonight! She weighs 7 lbs. 15 oz. She is 20-1/2" long. She is 2-1/2 weeks early. Brooke had no epidural this time - go Brooke! (She said "never again!".) Austin and Shaun are spending the night and are very excited about their new baby sister! 3 perfect grandchildren - how lucky can you get?
Austin is VERY excited to have a baby sister (Shaun wouldn't go near her!)The whole family - wow!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a wonderful day, I love to reflect on what a blessing being a mother is. I have 5 beautiful children, plus now several of them are married, so I get bonus children too!! Of course, you know, I have 2 perfect grandchildren with one more coming this month - wow - "an embarrassment of riches".
Jeff and Halie are such sweethearts and we love to spend time with them. Jeff is working hard and really enjoying his job - he places Dr.s and nurses in temporary jobs where they are needed all over the country. Halie is working at Costco, much to Stacy's delight, he always wanted one of his kids to work there.
Amanda flits in and out over here and we love to see her when she comes by. She does really well at her job at Albertson's and has been there over 3 years. She is so organized and talented - I know they really appreciate her at work, just like we do. She is still a favorite of her niece and nephew.
Brooke and Ben continue to bless us with lots of visits and those beautiful grandchildren. Brooke is so helpful and kind and Ben just graduated from UVU. Ben is pursuing racquetball in his spare time and is quite good. Brooke takes wonderful care of those children and her home.
Doug and Tricia are busy being newlyweds. Doug is at UVU and also working at Albertson's. He is studying to become a nurse anesthetist & Tricia is a nurse at Primary Children's Hospital. We love it when they come to visit us too. They will be moving around the corner next month, they are buying our duplex, we are so excited.
Shane has started at UVU this semester, taking a Criminal Justice class, he wants to become a police officer. He and Becca are still dating, she is at BYU. He is very helpful around here, carrying tables for me, mowing lawns, etc. and we love and appreciate him.
I am so grateful for the many, many blessings and for my precious family. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


The Home Machine Quilting Show is this weekend and yesterday I went up to check it out. (I check it out every year!) I volunteered to work in the Utah Quilt Guild booth for a few hours so I could get in free and save the $10 entrance fee. I bumped into the "Pajama Quilter" and yes, she was wearing her pajamas. I bought her fun DVD and workbook, plus some thread that she "swears by". So, hopefully I will become a better quilter with her technique, which goes something like this: "Put on your jammies, get some chocolate and a white board and start practicing" - I think I can do this!
This morning we went up to Salt Lake to take Jeff and Halie to breakfast for her birthday, it was really fun to see them, they are excited because they are going to the Bahamas next week on a cruise. I miss seeing them, since they don't live as close, they are a true blessing to us - and aren't they so cute?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Quilty Stuff...

Time for the "Round Robin" - next round:

Here is Kendra's quilt, I added the piano key border and the stars in the corners. - I hope she likes it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Finished Quilts...

Here are my latest completed projects:

This one I started last year, I gave it to Kjerstin Jones for her new baby boy (1 more month to go!). It was fun to zip up to Rexburg for her baby shower to surprise her with Brooke - she was super surprised! There are no "eyes" on the fish, because I liked them better, "plain", Kjerstin said this quilt will go with her hubby's joke, "What do you call a fish with no I? Fsh" Ha Ha.

This one was the "Block of the Month" from Quick Quilts for 2008. It is for my sweet daughter-in-law, Halie - Happy Birthday!