Saturday, May 9, 2009


The Home Machine Quilting Show is this weekend and yesterday I went up to check it out. (I check it out every year!) I volunteered to work in the Utah Quilt Guild booth for a few hours so I could get in free and save the $10 entrance fee. I bumped into the "Pajama Quilter" and yes, she was wearing her pajamas. I bought her fun DVD and workbook, plus some thread that she "swears by". So, hopefully I will become a better quilter with her technique, which goes something like this: "Put on your jammies, get some chocolate and a white board and start practicing" - I think I can do this!
This morning we went up to Salt Lake to take Jeff and Halie to breakfast for her birthday, it was really fun to see them, they are excited because they are going to the Bahamas next week on a cruise. I miss seeing them, since they don't live as close, they are a true blessing to us - and aren't they so cute?