Monday, October 22, 2012

Meandering Along

So I've decided that I'm tired of reciting my email address and phone number, and of course, I like to have people visit my blog, so I got cards made:

It was super easy to order them, with this cute design and I just put my name, phone number, email address and blog address on them.  I showed them to Mr. Handsome and he said - "They don't say what you do, housewife, quilter, chef, lover (he's funny, isn't he?), etc." I told him they are not business cards, just my contact information.  I love them! I am putting them on my luggage, my new Sew EZ table I got at quilt festival and, sure, I am giving them to new people I meet, that might need my information or seem like they would be friends, etc.
I did finish my "Selling Houses" wall hanging, but I don't like where I put it, it looks better from far away, and mashed here in the entry way by the front door, it is too narrow to see it well.

Of course, it helps if it is right side up too - I don't know how my computer, phone and camera all continue to outsmart me!!!!!!
Here is a before picture of a particularly messy part of my quilt studio:

Unfortunately, it still pretty much looks like that, but hopefully progress will be made SOON!  I'll keep you posted - that's a pun, by the way...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hooray for Fall!

     It is so nice that fall is finally here! It's been a summer long enough and hot enough to try my patience (and my deodorant!).  It is nice and chilly at night and in the morning - yummy! I am baking some apples with cinnamon and it makes the house smell delicious and very fall-y.
     I finished quilting a quilt for a Christmas Gift - so sorry, no peeking yet. I am ready to quilt my class project of a log cabin cityscape from the class I took at Quilt Festival from Flavin Glover.  I will post it soon, my camera is visiting Amanda and I'm not that good with my phone yet.
     I took a class on "precision piecing" and I am sorry to say that I don't think I will ever be a "precision piecer"!  The techniques I learned seemed challenging and involved lots of pinning(bleck), and un-picking if it was not "just so",  so I think I will continue blissfully quilting speedily (and sloppily) along and giving my quilts to friends and family members who think they are wonderful and that I'm talented, etc.
     I also took a class on "panels", since we are having a panel challenge in our bee this year, I got lots of good ideas and we will see if I can wrestle down that EQ program Mr. Handsome bought me and design a fab quilt with the panel - hopefully pictures are forthcoming and I don't have to hide it in shame - it makes me a little nervous - I only have one panel - BUT - I guess if I mess it up, I can just use a little part of it -right, right??

     We've had our little baby pals over some - enjoying the last of the peaches - rather enthusiastically, I'd say:

     I am currently working on this project - and no, mine doesn't look like this (yet), this is the picture I took at the vendor booth I bought the kit from - mine is all cut out though...

     Looking forward to attending a quilt retreat at our bee later this month AND - going to working 3 days a week instead of 5!  AND Mr. Handsome is going to start improving my wonderful quilting studio!!!!!!!!!! We will be adding storage, painting, lighting and hopefully new carpet - yippee skippy for Fall!