Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Stacy has become fascinated with the sandwich maker. We had hamburgers over the weekend (on the grill) and had some leftovers. He had the brilliant idea of putting them in the sandwich maker. Small problem, they didn't quite fit - too fat. He cut them in half and squished and squished them in there. He ended up putting a heavy box on that sucker so they would cook. He was very pleased with the results!

The sandwich maker doesn't look like it's recovered yet - it is a mess. Since I refuse to eat anything that comes out of it, I don't care. I waited until it was cool, then put it in a plastic bag, now I am ignoring it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quilt Projects...

I've loaded Stacy's medallion quilt and finally gotten started on it. (He is very happy). I did some freehand feathers in the border (you can't see them), I messed them up pretty good, but when I looked back at them, you can hardly tell (Yippee). The feathers you can see are from following a pantograph.
This is my newest quilting project. I am loving the colors of this charm pack! It's "Zaza" by Moda. I am going to put a light colored sashing between the nine-patches and then put a purple border on it. Very simple, but I love it!The kitchen is coming along VERY slowly, but hopefully I'll have something new to report and show later this week!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Date Night Update...

For our date night this week, we went to the Orem Fitness Center to shoot Stacy's new gun. We went with our friends, Craig and Sue. Craig brought his gun too. We all brought earplugs and headed out to Orem. It was really NOISY! Even with our own earplugs, plus the ear cover things they loan you, every time a gun went off, Sue and I about jumped out of our skins! (Did I mention it was NOISY?) We had to wear eye protection too, the guy in charge said sometimes there are bullet fragments flying around. So... I stood by Stacy when he shot his gun and the little casing thing flew out of it, right by me and my first thought was "Oh my goodness, a bullet fragment, it's a good thing I have these goggles on!" Then I looked around and saw all of the other casings all around on the floor and realized what it was. I shot the gun and the casing flying out scared me AGAIN and I didn't like that little puff of air that came out either, that combined with the NOISE was too much for me. After a while, I tried to shoot a little more (Sue was doing great and there were several young gals shooting away down there too.) I realized that I aimed at the target, then shut my eyes while I pulled the trigger because I was so nervous. I did hit the paper target 1 time. Sue hit several bulls-eyes, I was so impressed. I'm glad I went, it was very interesting and now I know what cordite smells like and Sue and I decided that if anyone ever shot at us we would wet our pants and faint.
Afterwards, we went to "Hello Yogurt" and had yummy frozen yogurt with lots of fun toppings and had a nice time visiting. We may go again, outside, where it supposedly isn't as NOISY and when the weather is better.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stepping out of the Box (I mean kitchen)...

Our Current, working kitchen...

Things you can make when your kitchen is kind of demolished...

Grilled (Outside on the BBQ) meat, rice (in the rice cooker), grilled onions, waffles, soup from a can and store bought rolls, instant pudding, toast, all kinds of sandwiches in the sandwich maker, Cup of Noodles, smoothies, oatmeal, etc. We'd love more ideas!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And the Dust Goes On...

The dust continues to filter over all of our belongings. It's not too bad though. We still have a sink and dishwasher and will for a few more weeks. Then, things may get really ugly...

The Pantry is being built, we put a little angle on the wall going into the kitchen.

Our new gigantic looking kitchen space. There will be a big bar in most of the opening.

The new door is cut from the inside, now for the brick guy:

The sign on the door says "Do not Use", since it's all taped off inside. We are saving the brick for the front of the house, where we are going to raise the windows to accommodate a counter underneath them. (We're really getting smaller windows). We have a pretty door on order at Lowe's, so until then, the heat will be "flying out the door" as my father is so fond of saying. The electrician comes on Monday, so stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kitchen Demolition Today!

This is our temporary kitchen/storage area (in the family/living room)~
This is what 'our side' of the plastic looks like - note the dust that has escaped ~

Here's the 'working' side of the construction, no more short bar, big wall, etc.! The other stuff getting done this week - installing a beam where the wall came down, building the pantry, moving the door, moving the gas line for the new range position, etc., etc.

I'm going to have to pack myself a lunch the night before since I can't really get into the kitchen during the day (and it's too dusty to prep anything in anyway!). P.S. Those wires taped up are "hot", so no touching!

Special Guest...

We got a "Special Invitation" to tour the Draper Temple. It came in the mail to Stacy at work. It is beautiful, we are looking forward to attending when it's open for temple work. There was quite a nice spread of refreshments afterwards - I felt like we were at a fancy wedding. It was a nice lunch. It was especially nice since I can't get into my kitchen today, they are tearing it down, pretty much! They also gave us a CD of the MoTab - "Then Sings My Soul", which has my favorite hymn on it - "Abide with Me, 'Tis Eventide". Pictured below is one of my favorite reasons for temples and temple work:
Family - especially grandchildren!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to Quilting...Hooray!

Today, I went back to my Thursday Quilt Group, after a long month off for the holidays. It was so nice to see all of my friends and hear their news and share mine. These are some of the quilts I've made in the last year or so that haven't been on the blog. Click on them to make 'em bigger. Jon's baseball quilt, Ben's Pirate quilt, etc. I plan on being in the basement quilting for the rest of the winter! (Hiding from the construction upstairs in the kitchen!)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We know Tricia is a REALLY good sport, since at the "Family Food Shower", where the men and kids are all invited too, we play this game...

Where the bride-to-be has to put on a blindfold and all of the men roll up a pant leg and the poor girl has to feel all of their legs and guess which one is her intended. Uncle Danny thought it would be funny to put water on his leg, so Tricia thought it was all sweaty! Ewwww! She did great and actually guessed the "right" hairy leg. We also had a soup/bread/dessert potluck and Brooke made some really spicy chili and put a sign on it..."Brooke's Whoop Ass Chili" - mind you Tricia's family was invited too, so they all got a glimpse into our "real" family. We're glad she still said yes!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Big Day...

Timpanogos Temple

Pictures with family (Mamal)

Beautiful Tricia at the breakfast before the ceremony.

Me and My Doug Bug at the Breakfast!

Mamal was so happy with the snow and cold weather, here she is, cooling her feet in the snow.

It was a beautiful day for Doug and Tricia. We started with a delicious breakfast with introductions all around and a super wedding DVD of cute Doug and Tricia as babies and with a great interview at the end that they will treasure for always.

We were off to the temple for a beautiful sealing ceremony, with lots of hugs and kisses and pictures afterwards.

The reception (following lots more pictures!) - yummy cakes and lots more hugs and good wishes from all of our family and friends who came to wish them happiness and joy - thank you so much for all of your support everyone!
Doug and Tricia are leaving tomorrow night for a week in the Caribbean on a cruise! Welcome to the fam, Tricia!