Friday, January 23, 2009

Date Night Update...

For our date night this week, we went to the Orem Fitness Center to shoot Stacy's new gun. We went with our friends, Craig and Sue. Craig brought his gun too. We all brought earplugs and headed out to Orem. It was really NOISY! Even with our own earplugs, plus the ear cover things they loan you, every time a gun went off, Sue and I about jumped out of our skins! (Did I mention it was NOISY?) We had to wear eye protection too, the guy in charge said sometimes there are bullet fragments flying around. So... I stood by Stacy when he shot his gun and the little casing thing flew out of it, right by me and my first thought was "Oh my goodness, a bullet fragment, it's a good thing I have these goggles on!" Then I looked around and saw all of the other casings all around on the floor and realized what it was. I shot the gun and the casing flying out scared me AGAIN and I didn't like that little puff of air that came out either, that combined with the NOISE was too much for me. After a while, I tried to shoot a little more (Sue was doing great and there were several young gals shooting away down there too.) I realized that I aimed at the target, then shut my eyes while I pulled the trigger because I was so nervous. I did hit the paper target 1 time. Sue hit several bulls-eyes, I was so impressed. I'm glad I went, it was very interesting and now I know what cordite smells like and Sue and I decided that if anyone ever shot at us we would wet our pants and faint.
Afterwards, we went to "Hello Yogurt" and had yummy frozen yogurt with lots of fun toppings and had a nice time visiting. We may go again, outside, where it supposedly isn't as NOISY and when the weather is better.