Sunday, January 4, 2009


We know Tricia is a REALLY good sport, since at the "Family Food Shower", where the men and kids are all invited too, we play this game...

Where the bride-to-be has to put on a blindfold and all of the men roll up a pant leg and the poor girl has to feel all of their legs and guess which one is her intended. Uncle Danny thought it would be funny to put water on his leg, so Tricia thought it was all sweaty! Ewwww! She did great and actually guessed the "right" hairy leg. We also had a soup/bread/dessert potluck and Brooke made some really spicy chili and put a sign on it..."Brooke's Whoop Ass Chili" - mind you Tricia's family was invited too, so they all got a glimpse into our "real" family. We're glad she still said yes!!