Saturday, April 12, 2014

Life Goes On...

So I zipped down to California in my zippy little car (The Mini Q) to see this little beauty:
She actually lives in Missouri, but was visiting California with her Momma and sister. She is our youngest grandchild, Holland Danielle (#8 is great!).

 And if you can believe it, while I was gone, Mr. Handsome picked up this little beauty (not!)

He put it right in our new beautiful, fabulous, perfect new bedroom! Ack! "But it was such a good deal!" he explained. I mentioned that we belong to quite a nice gym and he visits it pretty  much every day! "But it was such a good deal", he repeats. Ah well, for now it stays. Still no transom window, or closet doors, but patience is a virtue, right?

I am headed to a fun quilt retreat next week and we are going to have a pin cushion exchange, I bought this cute pattern (Camille Roskelley) and made this adorable pin cushion:

Then I decided it was way to cute to exchange so I am going to keep it (It matches my studio, after all) and trade the one I got at a retreat last fall which is really cute, but it doesn't speak to me like this one. And for those of you who say, "You need a pattern for such a simple project?", the answer is "Yes,  I do".

And, here at the home front, it's play dough season! (Don't eat the play dough, sweetie)

Happy Quilting!