Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally Some Finished Quilt Pictures

Okay, here are some recent quilty finishes:
This first one I made with "Quilt Smart" which made the fun petals very do-able:

 This simple, cuddly quilt is for my niece, Hannah Banana:
 I have been working on this quilt for 3 years! It is handquilted and it is done! (for the condo)
 Here is a quilt for Doug & Tricia's new baby girl, hope they don't curse my name later, it has soft, white Minkey on the back:
This one was a panel challenge our bee did:
 Here is a bit of the fabric sorting I've been doing for the new studio, these clear bins will be going on the shelves in my new cabinets and pull out like drawers. I have nearly 3 full, but some empties, just in case my fabric grows...

Here is a better picture of my temporary sewing studio:

 Notice the pins up on the windowsill where little hands cannot reach them.

And, still agonizing over colors...

The Dusty Basement

Well, we are soldiering along here in remodel-land:


There is going to be plenty of lights for quilting and I am going to have my very own real laundry room - hooray! I will have lighting over every task - ironing, sewing, quilting, cutting, design-wall and cupboards. The only problem with all of my lovely lights is that there are so many and my house is so old, we have to use low voltage energy lightbulbs (or upgrade our electrical service - not happening).  We are presently tracking drywall dust everywhere and waiting for cabinets.

 I have my little sewing area upstairs, and it works, but is a little frustrating traipsing up and down the stairs looking for random sewing necessities - searching the guestrooms where everything is piled up!  BUT, better than no sewing for weeks! Hope to have more progress soon!