Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally Some Finished Quilt Pictures

Okay, here are some recent quilty finishes:
This first one I made with "Quilt Smart" which made the fun petals very do-able:

 This simple, cuddly quilt is for my niece, Hannah Banana:
 I have been working on this quilt for 3 years! It is handquilted and it is done! (for the condo)
 Here is a quilt for Doug & Tricia's new baby girl, hope they don't curse my name later, it has soft, white Minkey on the back:
This one was a panel challenge our bee did:
 Here is a bit of the fabric sorting I've been doing for the new studio, these clear bins will be going on the shelves in my new cabinets and pull out like drawers. I have nearly 3 full, but some empties, just in case my fabric grows...

Here is a better picture of my temporary sewing studio:

 Notice the pins up on the windowsill where little hands cannot reach them.

And, still agonizing over colors...