Monday, February 25, 2013


     February has nearly slipped past me!  Good news, the basement/quilt studio remodel has begun!!! I will post pictures as soon as there is something more interesting than holes in the wall and studs to frame in my unfinished laundry room.  When the hole was cut for my built in bookshelves, Mr. Handsome kept muttering about maybe he should just fit a (huge) TV in there, it would be perfect - maybe we should make the shelves removable, so it would be easy to slip one in later. Um... NO!  Shane thinks it would be a great snack bar, he wants me to bring my popcorn machine down and get a cotton candy maker, etc. Um...NO!  But good try, guys!
     I am so excited! My back is a bit sore from moving heavy objects into the two bedrooms down there to get them out of the way for the excitement.  My ironing table is very heavy! I also had to clean out much of the unfinished part of the basement, as that is where the cupboards and bookshelves are going to bump out into.  So, lots of dust already, but it will be totally worth it!!! I am also in love with the fact that I only need to go to the basement a couple of times a week to do laundry, and we don't "live" down there, AND there is an outside entrance, so hopefully this remodel will be much less painful than the kitchen/ bathroom remodels we've already done here.
     I have moved my SewEZ table upstairs and my trusty old Bernina and set up a rather unsightly sewing area up here in the family room.  I have my little portable table top ironing board and a couple of projects to keep me busy while the studio is reborn. Now to keep those cute grandsons from running off with my scissors and pins! I also have 3 quilts to hand sew down the binding on, so there is some more sewing I can do outside of the studio. (I will post pics as soon as they are done).
    I am currently agonizing over paint colors, I had been planning on painting the walls lime green, since it is the basement and there is not much natural light, but I'm kind of tired of it already, so I think I've switched to an aqua blue.  The laundry room - maybe a sunny yellow - but not too bright - ack, I am not good at picking paint colors!  I am really excited that I can get a cute laundry room sign for my new room! I've never had a real laundry room to decorate, yippee skippy!
     I am currently taking a fun interior design class through the community education program and so I feel some pressure to make it "perfect" (deep breaths here).  For the very most part, feeling extremely blessed!!!
     Brooke and Ben have decided not to find out what kind of baby they are having for this number 4 child, so I will have to get creative with a quilt design/color, but it should be a fun challenge. 
     Winter is finally waning and spring is around the corner... Happy Quilting!