Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hooray for Fall!

     It is so nice that fall is finally here! It's been a summer long enough and hot enough to try my patience (and my deodorant!).  It is nice and chilly at night and in the morning - yummy! I am baking some apples with cinnamon and it makes the house smell delicious and very fall-y.
     I finished quilting a quilt for a Christmas Gift - so sorry, no peeking yet. I am ready to quilt my class project of a log cabin cityscape from the class I took at Quilt Festival from Flavin Glover.  I will post it soon, my camera is visiting Amanda and I'm not that good with my phone yet.
     I took a class on "precision piecing" and I am sorry to say that I don't think I will ever be a "precision piecer"!  The techniques I learned seemed challenging and involved lots of pinning(bleck), and un-picking if it was not "just so",  so I think I will continue blissfully quilting speedily (and sloppily) along and giving my quilts to friends and family members who think they are wonderful and that I'm talented, etc.
     I also took a class on "panels", since we are having a panel challenge in our bee this year, I got lots of good ideas and we will see if I can wrestle down that EQ program Mr. Handsome bought me and design a fab quilt with the panel - hopefully pictures are forthcoming and I don't have to hide it in shame - it makes me a little nervous - I only have one panel - BUT - I guess if I mess it up, I can just use a little part of it -right, right??

     We've had our little baby pals over some - enjoying the last of the peaches - rather enthusiastically, I'd say:

     I am currently working on this project - and no, mine doesn't look like this (yet), this is the picture I took at the vendor booth I bought the kit from - mine is all cut out though...

     Looking forward to attending a quilt retreat at our bee later this month AND - going to working 3 days a week instead of 5!  AND Mr. Handsome is going to start improving my wonderful quilting studio!!!!!!!!!! We will be adding storage, painting, lighting and hopefully new carpet - yippee skippy for Fall!