Thursday, June 14, 2012

Great Idea!

Late last night, when I was awoken (again) with a hot flash, I had the most fantastic idea! I have this small set of projects that I have in my 'to do' pile, they are really cute little wall hangings, one for each season.  I bought them with wild abandon a year ago (okay, maybe 2 years ago), every time a kit came out at my local quilt shop, till I owned all 4 kits with plans on whipping them up and enjoying them.  Well, time has passed and I'm not really much on wall hangings anyway, and I have started to dread them, looking at me accusingly every time I wuffle around in my project pile for something to work on.  So - my fabulous idea is:  Put them in a cute basket and donate them to our July Quilt Fair next month! I am so excited, I just need to get some ribbon and 'fouff' it up a bit and voila! Guilt Free Me!

Now that we are back from our trips, and are staying home for a whole month, I am back to quilting away in my spare time!  I am planning on finishing the top on my star quilt this week!

I just need to make the 4 corner star blocks and sew it all together and done! The checkerboard block is just an 'extra' I made with the leftover checkerboard strips, I have two, not sure what to do with them, but they are cute! I have lots of projects I want to get cracking on, while hanging out in my cool basement!  I started having these hot flash things a couple of weeks ago and while the weather was cool - no problem, but now that it is 90-ish every day - not so fun and they do wake me up multiple times each night - bleck.  Oh well, what are you gonna do? Onward and upward!