Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We currently have our  Babygirl staying here for a month! We are down at the condo, where it is 104 degrees.  We are hiding out inside, about to start a Yahtzee game.  We took Austin to Zion's Park yesterday and did the Narrows.  She loved it, she swam all around in that somewhat muddy river (There had been rain the day before).  She looked like a little otter.  We had a picnic lunch, and just generally enjoyed ourselves.  We have been to the cool "Splash Pad" over here in Hurricane a few times too. We still have plenty of things left to do on our "list" for her visit (See Brave, Hit the Hobby Lobby, make good-smelling soap, etc.)
     I have decided that I am in love with air conditioning!  Between these hot flashes and the heat, it is my bestest friend!  At night, I keep a really wet washcloth in a bowl next to my bed and it is doing wonders for those middle of the night attacks! 
     Life just continues to get busier, so I thought to myself,  I have my laptop down here on vacation, even if the internet (from Mr. Handsome's hot spot) is a little sketchy. So - a post from my vacation - aren't you lucky! 

P.S. I did finish my star quilt AND it hangs straight - a miracle!