Monday, July 30, 2012

Up for Air...

     Whew, July is about over, it was a super fun but super busy month! I won't bore you with the details, but I am looking forward to August for sure!  I am hoping there will be cooler wheather in store for sweaty me soon! I was barely able to get any quilting done, but am looking forward to finishing up a couple of projects in the next week or so, I will post the pictures, I promise! I am even beading a mini-quilt.
     I got home last night, after being in meetings all day and after dinner (nope, didn't do the dishes, saving them for today), I decided to head down to the quilt studio to sew a couple of rows together and Mr. Handsome pipes up "Oh, I was trying to sew my pants down there and I kind of messed up, maybe you could help me" Can I just tell you I was not in the mood to mend (I am actually never in the mood to mend, but he just doesn't see it), so I didn't even go downstairs, just reclined on my bed and read and played on my phone until bedtime, so no sewing done yesterday either. I did remind him that the new-ish neighbor does mending, etc. for a business and is a single mom that could use the income, etc., so we'll be heading over there today after work.
     I am toying with updating my blog profile picture, the one that is up there is 9 years old! Do I get a free pass until it is officially 10 years old?  I'll have to mull that over, I haven't seen one of me that I like any better, so it may stay for a bit yet.
     I got a little sunburn last week, I took Babygirl to the pool and I put sunblock on us, but failed to put any on my back, since I usually just lie around, facing upward. BUT, I did not take into account that I would be going down the big twisty slide, and off the diving board, etc., so I got quite a nice burn on the back! Ouch, it's been a few years for that!  We are going again this week, but I bought some of that newfangled spray on sunblock, so I will get my back this time.
     I was going to take Babygirl to see "Brave" this week, but she is going with her other Grandma, so I may have to sneak in and see it all by myself (sigh).
     Hope your summer is going well and I should have more to "show" next time!