Monday, September 13, 2010


Slowly, but surely, I am finishing this quilt:The good news it, I think I am starting to feel comfortable with applique (as I remind myself that once it gets quilted and scrunched in the washer/dryer it will look fine!)

I finished this bottom part this weekend: Only one more section to go!!!!
This quilt is from the book: "Gathered from the Garden".
That's what I did this weekend, along with watching 3 movies (New in Town, The Back-up Plan & I honestly can't remember the other one!), playing mindless computer games (spider solitaire), finishing the book club book for this week's meeting, working a puzzle - part of it anyway, and I did make it to the gym and I am STILL sore! - for those of you wondering from my last post.
My handsome hubby made it back from Missouri, all in one piece and I am glad to have him back! Now, back to enjoying my birthday month!