Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Birthday is here!!

Today is my birthday, my favorite day of the year, September is my favorite month of the year and I could go on... I got to see or talk to all of my kids and lots of other friends and family which is always great! People gave me fabulous gifts, which is funny, because I do love my birthday (I think it's the attention), but I always kind of forget that people are going to give me gifts that I love - so it's always an added bonus and a surprise (I have a very short term memory these days). So, I'm the big 47 now, well into Grandma-hood and loving it. I got great gift cards for clothes, books, home decor, etc. Plus I got a great bag, some lovely cash, and a fab new backpack, so we are going on a little hike in the morning, to try it out. We went to dinner last night, always great and we had a delicious family dinner tonight too - hey does it seem like my life revolves around food? Thanks everyone for making my life great - every day - I am blessed by all of you! Especially you, Mr. Handsome (LOVE the Kindle)!!!
P.S. If you came by today and didn't get any of this amazing cake, don't think I'm holding out on you, this is from a few years back, I didn't have any pics of today.