Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back from Aspen Grove Quilt Retreat!

I'm back and it was fabulous, as usual! Seriously, I have an amazing life and am so grateful for all of it!
(My life certainly isn't perfect, but quilt retreat pretty much was.)
Wednesday - arrival, set up, start sewing!
Lunch, classes, dinner and more sewing! We made these cute needle cases:

Thursday: More of the same - fabulous food, classes and more sewing!! We made these adorable chicken pin cushions from paper-pieced log cabins that we'd made up before hand:

Friday: Repeat (Plus I got a massage - wonderful-ness!!). We had a lecture that night (while we did handwork) so I needed my "far away" glasses and my "up close" glasses - I think I really need to go and get me some bi-focals...

Saturday - packing up, a little more sewing, breakfast and back home to Mr. Handsome. It IS a great life - (plus - time change tonight, an extra hour of sleep!!!!!) I did get two quilt tops done and some applique - I will post later this week... (If you are able to get to a quilt retreat, I highly recommend it - save your pennies, it's worth it!!)