Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why do I gain weight over the holidays?

Could it be: (Butter!!!)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Nevada, with family and friends. Deanna did a wonderful job as hostess, as usual! I hope she is resting with her feet up today!
Early on (Black) Friday, Stacy headed to the Walmart to see about some deals. He came back with 3 (!!!!) TVs. He did end up taking 1 back, but we kept the other two. One is for my sewing room - a nice little flat one so I don't have to have the big one in the corner - more room for my stash!
Later on Friday, we headed to Zion for a little hiking:

It was a mite chilly! I was glad I had my trusty bandanna, because the wind was cold! It was about 32 degrees when we started. We tried to do Angel's landing, but had to turn back after an hour or so, there was too much snow and ice on the trail.

We ate yummy Thanksgiving leftovers that Deanna had so nicely packed up for us, then, off to the movies! ("The Next 3 Days" - just okay - a little too intense for me).

Back home today, got a little Christmas shopping done, we're supposed to have a big snow storm starting tonight, so it's good we're back and snug in our little house.

P.S. I don't think I'll break out the scales until March!