Thursday, December 2, 2010

Embracing my Inner Granny

I have decided I am too old to wear high heels. I bought some cute high-heeled boots this season and wore them a time or two, but when I looked at them in my closet to possibly wear again, my feet just wanted to curl up and my back started getting achy. So, I gave them to my (young) friend (sigh of relief). Then I hemmed my pants. I also have no desire to wear anything that would entail sucking in my stomach - bleck! Better to go with camouflage. I still will get dressed, thinking I'm "all that" and then I'll catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and realize I'm a kind of lumpy, middle-aged lady - oh well. I go to bed early now, because I don't want to wake up miserable in the morning - I know, pretty mature. I eat fairly healthy, I can no longer eat pop-tarts, coco puffs, etc. they make me feel nauseous - I used to eat them for days at a time. I complain about the high price of items in the grocery store - just like an "old person".
My mom used to complain that her mom drove her crazy, etc. My mom does things that bug me sometimes, but now that I am getting older, I realize that I will do things (and probably already do) that will bug my kids, BUT, I don't care!! (Bahahahaha) It is a great relief to realize that I don't have to work hard any more to be "hip", because I just won't be and it's OKAY! I don't have to pretend to like things because they're 'cool', etc. I enjoy quilting, gardening, jigsaw puzzles, reading, knitting, etc. and I used to think all of those things were pretty "granny-ish" and I didn't want to advertise these pastimes, but it is okay, I'm fine and being a granny is fabulous!!