Thursday, December 9, 2010

On Sunday night, we had our "close by kids" come over to decorate Gingerbread Houses (Okay - they are really 'graham cracker houses" -but, whatever). Someone gave me a great idea - glue gun those little suckers together BEFORE the party!(My husband always asks why I need to buy SO MANY graham crackers - because they break!!)
Anyway - worked out great:

(Shane is here too - but he is hiding, as usual) Doug really got into the fine detail work on his house: And - I've managed to finish a quilting project (or 3 - but 2 are Christmas gifts - can't show them yet). This is my row quilt that our bee made this year -

I had to take off the last row and put it on the back, so it would fit on my table as a cute topper:

When I got out the Christmas stuff this year, I realized that I had given all of my kids their stockings last year, because I told them I would be making them new stockings this year!! I guess I have a little bit of sewing to do in the next two weeks! (It seemed like a good idea at the time)