Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Family Quilt Night

Every Thursday night for the past few months, we have been having "Family Quilt Night". My daughters-in-law, Tricia and Becca, My niece-in-law, MC and Tricia's sister, Aly have all attended. We have a good time and are all getting lots done! Aly and MC are on their 2nd quilts, Tricia is on her 3rd and Becca got her curtains sewn for her new house. I am getting projects done too. I keep hearing from other family members that they would like to come, but I haven't seen them yet. (I know Brooke is missing them, living in Missouri - we miss her too!) We will be taking a couple of weeks off for Christmas, then back to work! I am sure glad that my studio is big enough for all of us!
We usually work from about 7 - 9:30 or 10, but we've been working late to get all of the Christmas stuff done... It is very fun to teach these girls to quilt - they are all excellent students - A+!