Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Name in Lights!! (Okay, not lights, but it is in print!)

My very favorite Quilting Magazine came today (Quilter's Home) and one of the titles on the cover read: "55 Rad Blogs", well, I'm reading along and what do I see, but MY BLOG LISTED!!! Oh my goodness, so I figured I'd better post some quilting stuff!!! I've actually been quilting quite a bit, just no finished projects to show - so here's what's going on:

I started working on this last year (or maybe the year before??). I took a class at Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Festival, here is where I am:I am tired of 'stripping', I tell ya'. I had the brilliant idea to use this as a 'leader and ender' for another quilt I am making and it is getting closer to getting finished. I love the design, but I'm ready for it to be done already!

I just bought these fabrics tonight (Gotta love a quilt shop that is open late - thanks, Fabric Mill!)

This is going to be for a class that we're doing tomorrow at our Bee's quilt retreat (tomorrow is our third and last day - quilting from 10-5ish for 3 days straight!!) I'm supposed to have it cut out, after having colored in the design, so I know what colors to cut where, but I am too tired, so I guess I will color & cut tomorrow. That may be a good thing, since my left shoulder is really sore, I think it's from sewing for hours at a time!!!! Can you imagine? I will dope up with ibuprofen tomorrow and head back to the 'sweatshop' - he he he.