Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Festivities...

With two birthdays this month, we had a big family dinner yesterday. On Saturday, the grandchildren were overjoyed to help make the cakes (with a few extra cupcakes for eating that day too). Babygirl did a super job, cracking the eggs and they both loved pouring in ingredients.Frosting and eating them with grandpa was great too!
Stacy had bought a fancy dragon kite the other day, and after failing to put it together himself (sans glasses), he got the kids to do it. The boy was overjoyed! (He was also pretty happy to wearing grandma's boots - they're his favorites.)There wasn't ANY wind, but Doug runs pretty fast and they got it up, only to hit one of the many power lines in our neighborhood:

Mr. Handsome got the pole, but we ended up needing the ladder plus, Amanda's very tall boyfriend (6'7") to get it down. Luckily no one was electrocuted and we all enjoyed cake and ice cream after a delicious 'make your own pizza' dinner.

In quilting news, I've completed a really cute quilt (needs binding) for my niece, Kira's baby shower. I put some big rick-rack on it, so my hubby thinks it's ugly, but I love it! I will post a picture after the shower, (so Kira will be surprised).