Friday, February 26, 2010

Date Night!

So for date night we went to the new Nickelcade by our house. It was way fun, I am sorry I forgot my camera. I know you all would have loved seeing Stacy and I (The oldest people there without children) shooting baskets, playing Mrs. Pac-Man, Asteroids, Martian Pinball, Air Hockey and Donkey Kong. After we got tired of games using our mad skills, we started playing games where basically you just drop in your nickel and you have a chance for tickets! It was super fun, I felt like I was in a Utah Casino - he he he. We got like 240 tickets! (another fun thing is to feed them into the machine that counts them - who knew?) Below are our spoils:
We were so excited to see the back-scratchers! Stacy searched high and low for one for me for Christmas and here there are - only 100 tickets each! I am taking one to the condo, for back-scratching emergencies down there! That purple thing is not a form of birth control, but a popper thing-y. We saw our nephew, David there too, he works there, I'm sure we'll be back!