Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Handsome...

Stacy turned 47 this week! To celebrate, he invited his siblings over for a tamale making party! They all love tamales and were excited to come over for the party. Everyone brought a pot (to take the tamales home in) and a snack to share. Rose made a yummy birthday cake. We played a game of "Catch Phrase" afterwards and it was so funny that most of us are old enough that we needed to pass around the reading glasses with the game disc!
Here you can see that since Greg has the glasses, Stacy has to hold the bag waaay out to read the recipe:
Everyone crowded around the big counter to make their tamales:

Danny is never afraid to get his hands dirty:

Randy and Michele came all the way down from Ogden to join the fun:(Randy even wore Michele's pink apron). All in all a great time with lots of fun visiting and yummy food. Can't wait for the Sister-in-Law retreat next month!