Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remodeling, anyone?

Well it's been over a year since we tackled our last remodeling project and I'm starting to think that maybe I could deal with a mess again. We went to the Utah County parade of homes (only to a few, since I've still got the boot!), but it got me thinking about fixing up a few more little things. We moved here in 2003 and this is what the house looked like:
First, we got wood floors and put in recessed lights:
Then, we remodeled the bathroom - I wish I had 'before pics', it was hideous! (Teal and pink tile with a teddy bear motif). We moved a wall a couple of feet and gutted it:
Anyway, it looks like this now:

I absolutely LOVE my kitchen and the other improvements we've made (Adding A/C, fixing up closets, doors, some outside stuff, etc.)

I just don't know if I'm quite ready to relive this nightmare:

I'm starting to watch HGTV again (which I couldn't stand for months after we finished the kitchen) -My studio is next on the list - white wainscoting with lime green walls ought to brighten up the basement...

Somebody stop me!