Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick California Trip

Hi All - back from a quick trip to CA to see my family. Shane so kindly went with me so I would 'bump up' to a higher priority of stand-by. Since he works for Jet Blue now, Mr. Handsome and I get to fly for FREE! (Oh, the perks of having lots of children are flowing freely!) I have been wanting to go down and see my parents and sisters, so Shane arranged it. He graciously accompanied me so I would be sure to get on the plane. We just went down Monday night and came back on the early flight today, so he could be back at work at 1 p.m. It was great to see my family! We had a great visit and hung out by the pool at Heidi's and got lots of good hugs. My dad (80 years old) had passed out and fallen and was at the emergency room for stitches on his face when we got in. He is okay, but I was sure glad I was down visiting him. Stacy chickened out of the trip, since he was afraid he wouldn't get back for work tomorrow. Since we had to get up so early, I came home and took a 3 hour nap - I was just pretending I was still out of town. When Shane flies, he stays after for a few minutes and helps the flight attendants clean the plane for the next flight. My job is to go and wait at baggage claim for the suitcase I insisted that we check. I took my old computer tower down for Jeff, since he needed it. It was pretty big, so I needed to put it in a large suitcase - much to Shane's dismay - he is a strictly carry-on kind of guy. It just made it under the weight limit and he obligingly carted it around for me. We brought it back with a big bag of lemons, since it was practically empty without the computer thing. (Lemons are lighter than computers, in case you were wondering) Here is my sister, Debi, in front of her house with the corn she planted right in the front yard!
My life as a free-wheelin' grandma is possibly coming to an end, I am starting a JOB next week, at the office in the accounting department -okay I will BE the accounting department. It will be part time, but since the babies are moving across the country, I will have some extra time...