Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back again, again, etc.

Got back from Cali in time to get my hair done:

You'll notice that I'm back to curly - I told my gal that I just could NOT be blow-drying in the summer! I was tired of looking like something the cat dragged in, since I refuse to blow dry now that it's hot. So, she gave me lots of great layers, and showed me how to use mousse, magic hair cream and some other magic stuff to get it to go a little curlier than it really wants to be. Huge sigh of relief! I also went darker, closer to my natural color, so my grow out won't be as noticeable (hopefully).

We made a fun, quick trip to the condo and bought a great new (big) clock for one of the empty walls down there - a big thank you to Mitch and Megan for the sweet gift card!

I had the grandbabies over the other day and they were playing games on my computer, my camera was sitting next to it, charging and I especially told them not to touch it. When I came back in to check on them, it was still sitting on the charger. HOWEVER, when I took it to the condo this weekend, there was incriminating evidence on it:
I guess they didn't realize that I would know, since they are only 3 and 4 years old.

This week, I am babysitting from Wednesday night to Saturday night, then I start my new job next week. So, I am going to try to finish up my new bedroom quilt that I have on the frame downstairs and get a couple of other projects done - I'll keep you posted on my progress (if there is any).