Friday, June 11, 2010

Are You a Finisher?

I have been trying to get some quilts finished up in the studio lately (I love to call it that!). For the most part, I feel like I AM a 'finisher', I really like to get things done - I am a big list maker. I do 'enjoy the process', but I sure enjoy 'the end result' even more! I have 12 of the clear 12" x 12" plastic boxes that have ongoing projects in them. They are ALWAYS full, I never have an empty one. I refuse to buy any more, I don't want to get more behind! (Also, they won't fit neatly where I store them, under my ironing board table - AND I don't want to hear that there's room for 12 more on the lower shelf!). When I first started quilting, about 5 years ago, I made pretty small quilts: (Poor Doug)
After making lots of quilts (61 + at last count), I make them more appropriate sizes:

Sometimes I hand quilt them, which takes much longer than machine quilting: (Be warned - I make friends that stop by, work on them too) I usually have them 'up' for a couple of months, then I'm tired of the frame in the middle of my house, so I baste the rest and quilt it in a hoop - I just cram the whole thing behind my chair when I'm not working on it - for another year or so! Works great. Sometimes I start projects that SEEM like a good idea, but in reality, they are too hard, try my patience or whatever: (This is now going to end up a table topper, instead of a bed-sized quilt - I just have to make 3 more of the suckers/I mean blocks) Sometimes I just get a whole quilt done at a retreat, or I'm just 'on fire' to finish:I have some friends who only work on one quilt at a time, no matter what. I have other friends who seem to start something new almost every week. Some have way more than 12 projects going at once. Some of my friends quilt their own quilts, others 'quilt by check'. I guess I'll just do it my way and keep on quilting, since I love it!! So, are YOU a finisher?