Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Outta Here!

Thankfully we are leaving town for a few days tomorrow. We are leaving poor Shane here, holed up in the basement, the only place that is merely covered with dust, not filled with displaced belongings.

The new kitchen: (It's gotta get better soon, right?)

Yes, that's the fridge wedged into the entryway, blocking the front door on the left:

The great thing is that when we get back, the pantry and closet will be ready for me to fill up with many, many of the items that are currently residing all over the house!!! The other fantastic thing is that the drywall dust is over, now that the painting is happening - so - when I dust something, it will now stay dusted - more or less.

Here is the fabulous new pantry - Yes, that's 6 shelves, plus the floor!!!Note the place for the electrical outlet that will power my can opener, an unsightly appliance I enjoy...

The puppet show theater is no more:

After: (sort of)

This will hold all of my scrapbooks and more! Hooray!