Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baby Steps...

The kitchen is finally moving along, we had to wait for the electrician and he was very slow. The lights are mostly in and we got new wiring for the new "dual fuel" range we've ordered. So, Danny came yesterday (on a Saturday, bless his heart) and put up the drywall - hooray! I was gone all day yesterday (14 hours - scrapbooking in Salt Lake) and when I came home, Stacy and Shane had mopped the floors and cleaned up really well around here. What a difference! We also got the beautiful new back door in. There are no stairs to it yet, but there is a stool. (but don't step on the threshold because the brick guy isn't done yet) Yesterday, while I was gone, they even put on the lock, so there is no towel sticking through the hole to block the breeze anymore - yippee!
Here are Shane and Becca, checking out the pantry. The wiring sticking out is for my new magic pantry light - the light will turn on automatically when you open the door! (Thanks, Megan!)
Our beautiful new door has a great window near the top , so we can get light in, but don't actually have to look out at the carport - ever!
Don't Ask...
Stay tuned... (we're just waiting for windows, doors, cabinets, more lights, more drywall, paint, the sink, countertop, etc., etc., etc.)