Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 3 of the Kitchen Remodel...(Plus Extras)

New windows - IN!! We had to get smaller windows, so we could run the counter top all the way across the kitchen wall.From the outside: (Waiting for the 'brick guy')


We are also replacing our front door. This is something I have wanted to do since we moved here, over 5 years ago! Our entryway is small and very dark, so it' going to have a big window in it - hooray!

We also decided to drywall and put a 'regular' door on the "puppet show theater". It has the lovely fake-wood paneling and a funky angled top - it just looks weird. We are putting on a pretty glass door, with the same "ribbed" glass that my office door has. (We also are putting that style of door on our new pantry.) We will also be painting the stair rail white.

Pantry - love the door. Should we paint it white? Stain it dark like the cabinets? Stain it light like the rest of the doors in our house?
We are removing the banisters that divide the dining room from the family room. I think we are going to put in a 1 larger column on each side - plus paint all the wood white to match the rest of the trim in our house.
We've removed them from one side already: (My job is now to sand all the woodwork we are going to paint)

That's the news for this week, expecting the rest of the kitchen (sink, dishwasher, cupboards) to be torn out on Monday - argh! (But exciting!)