Monday, February 9, 2009

The kitchen is completely "out"...

Today Danny and crew finished getting all of the cabinets out, re-working the floor, and dry-walling the "puppet show theatre". It is looking great, although I am starting to feel like the rest of the house is closing in on me - so much of our stuff is "displaced". Also, there was a small problem of a FLOOD in the basement while the guys were taking out the sink. (disclaimer: Danny wasn't here at the time). So, I am washing lots of extra towels, throwing away some stuff that we didn't really need that has been stored in the basement since we moved here and re-washing and re-packing clothes that were in boxes that got wet. All the suitcases got wet too, so they are propped up with a heater blowing on them - argh!

P.S. The outside steps are totally torn out too!