Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun Trip...

We're back from California and we had a great time. The wedding was beautiful and we got to see practically ALL of our old and very dear friends from our Corona ward (we lived there for 15 years). We had a very enjoyable "road trip", stopping in the middle of nowhere for Stacy to shoot his gun at some targets he had brought along, and, of course: Tommy's! We have loved Tommy's chili hamburgers since we were teenagers and would stop at the original stand in a scary part of L.A. on the way home from the L.A. Temple. Seriously, at the original stand, armed guards patrol the parking lot, alongside the limos and fancy cars, as well as the regular cars - good food for everyone! Here is Stacy, enjoying a pepper with his chili fries. We stopped there on the way there and back - delicious!

It was great to see my sisters and their families and my parents. The weather was beautiful and Stacy got 18 holes of golf in, so he was happy about that. We also spent the night in Logandale with Jeff and Deanna on the way home (more shooting for Stacy) and had a nice visit there too. Now, back to the house and back to work! (Up until midnight last night painting - will post pics later today or tomorrow).