Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kids are Funny...

I love to hear what little kids say, they are always so cute and funny. Well, I'm here to tell you that grown up kids are hilarious too. While we were out of town, Amanda had a kidney stone and Jeremy rushed her to the hospital because she was so ill. He actually had to carry her inside, while she was throwing up, etc. When they took her to a room, the staff told her to put on a robe and wait for the doctor, well, apparently she was bawling because her bra and panties didn't match and they ALWAYS match, just in case, she ends up in the hospital. She was so upset that on the day she DID end up in the hospital, she didn't match...funny.

Last night we celebrated Shane's birthday with a yummy cake that I call a "Candy Bar Cake" and some of my children call a "Better than Sex Cake". Doug (who was just married a month ago) is eating his cake and he suddenly says, "To think I used to think this cake was better than sex". Shane was appalled that Doug would refer to such a thing!...funny.