Monday, March 23, 2009

Sister In Law Retreat...

I'm back from the fabulous Sister-in-Law Retreat and it was so fun! The 7 sister in laws and my 'mom in law' all get together every spring and hang out, work on projects and take turns cooking. It's Thursday - Sunday. We met at Deanna's this year, she has a beautiful home in Nevada. We all enjoyed the wonderful weather, although the pool wasn't quite warm enough to dip into yet. I got a baby quilt top finished and just generally had a great time relaxing and visiting, etc. We watched "Mamma Mia" - which is WAY more fun with all of your 4o-something sis-in-laws than with your hubby. (Sorry, Michele is only 39) We all ended up dancing and singing our hearts out, and, no, there are no pictures of this sort of thing. We ate really well, quiche, tarts, salads, and more, plus superb desserts, as you can see:

We were missing the "baby" sister in laws - Jen and Des and we definitely missed them! Hopefully we'll all be there next year for the 12th annual one at my house!