Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

The remodel is looking better! Hooray! Danny got all of the cool green paint up, then Stacy and I finished a lot more last night. Today, the guys did touch up and clean up and it looks fantabulous!! They also hauled a big load to the dump and cleared off the carport quite a bit. (Another load to the dump is pending - sorry Carters) Our appliances came today and the fridge is HUGE. The poor delivery guys had to take the door off the house and the doors off of the fridge and freezer, plus, do a lot of huffing and puffing to get it up into the house since we have no steps!! We made sure to put it into the kitchen before the cabinets and big bar comes in, because we don't want to have to take the doors off again. (It's getting a cabinet built around it).
Here is the lovely pantry, tomorrow I will be loading it up!!! (I even have hooks inside for my aprons)

Here is the range, with my wonderful double oven. It's an electric oven, with a gas stove top. It's also a convection oven!! So exciting.

For those of you keeping track, it's been 7 weeks so far of a mess!! We probably won't be completely finished until the end of the month - but - it's getting better!