Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sommers Family Christmas Party

Cutest sideways grandchildren ever!
Babygirl discovers the bag of marshmallows

Benjamin P.

Brooke and the famous Uncle Randy

Danny and Desirae

Shane and Becca, in front of the pile of White Elephants

David, in the 'good' chair!

Brady and Jessica

Melanie, Denise and Miranda
Nate and MC

Danielle and Mike with cute baby Macy

Every year we have a big Family Christmas Party with Stacy's family. He has 6 siblings, so it is getting bigger every year. This year, someone had the brilliant idea to hold it at the Sandy office, since we have pretty much outgrown everyone's house (thanks, Danny!). There were even 5 of the great granchildren there this year. We bring snacks to munch on and people let grandma know about what they want to share in the talent show, and, of course, the infamous White Elephant Gift Exchange! I think it is a true, but sad, commentary on our family that of the 45 or so people who attend, there are only 3 talent acts, one of which was The Boy, doing a somersault! We don't really mind though, since then we get to the main event - the gift exchange! The funniest thing was that this year, Brooke brought a special gift for her kids so they wouldn't cry when someone 'stole' their gift in the game! Mind you, this is Brooke, who one year brought a pound of See's candy and carefully opened the box, bit each candy in half and carefully resealed the wrapping paper. This was a hotly contested item and the recipient was half way through opening it with a great gloating smile, but when they got it open and looked inside, they got very sad, (much to her delight)! This year, she brought an 8"x 10" close up picture of Uncle Randy, in a frame. It got passed around quite a bit, especially after Uncle Randy autographed it! Danny was the funniest, he was propping it everywhere and taking pictures of it, with the kids, sitting on it, etc.! At the beginning of the game, Stacy explained that the Babygirl and The Boy, had their own special presents and got to go first and weren't really playing the game, "Because they wouldn't understand and would cry". The most hilarious thing was that he (and Brooke) were serious! Some people grumbled that the game had made their kids cry for years and many times it was Stacy or one of our kids (like Brooke!) that made them sob! So, this year, there weren't any tears, or big fights, and I think I missed that! By the way, several people who usually start the fights weren't there... Jeff and Rose, to mention a couple of the culprits... as there is still somewhat of a disagreement on where the big red vibrating garage sale chair belongs, even after 4 years...