Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorated - Finally!

Well, we did manage to get the tree decorated for FHE this week - hooray! Thanks to Brooke and Ben and those cute grandbabies! Doug and Shane suddenly had 'other' plans and we couldn't pry that Amanda off the computer! (Doug actually had ridden the BUS to Primary Children's Hospital to meet Tricia after her shift and drive home with her - he got a bus pass for $5 with his UVU ID and wanted to 'practice' riding it places, it took him close to 3 hours to get up there, this was after he rode it to the library and back to pick up some reading materials for the bus ride!) Thank goodness for Ben and his 'tallness', he was great with the lights and trimming that last little bit off the top so the angel would fit. The kids were fascinated with my nativity sets, which, by the way, are all glass or ceramic. They did really well, being 'soft' with them, I just love to see them play with the baby Jesus and the little animals.