Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Happenings...

Things that have been going on in our house this past week:

Cleaning the house for Santa (Shaun LOVES this floor sweeper, every time I turn it on, he comes running, saying "My turn, my turn!")

Making Tamales for Christmas Eve Dinner:

Making Christmas Gifts (Doug made a fun apron for Tricia - all by himself!)

Doug - balancing a chair on his fingers. (When he filled out his mission paperwork, it asked what his talents were (music, computers, etc.) -he put down "balancing things on my fingers")

Dancing around because Santa is coming...

Shane - waiting for Santa in his Silky Pajamas - a Christmas Staple around here. He also bought himself a plasma screen tv and wrapped it up to add to his present pile, he begged me to tell the other kids that I'd bought it for him, so he could brag that he is the favorite!

Tricia with the quilt I made her... and other gifts, etc.

(Amanda's new squeeze - Jeremy)

Digging Shane's car out of the snow (several times!!)

The best part is that Christmas is all cleaned up and put away - so we can ready for Doug and Tricia's wedding next week!!!!